[New] Earn $5 from the new WCX ICO for signing up!

Once again another promising ICO has emerged through the piles of scam and garbage tokens, it is called WCX and you can claim 50 free tokens right now. Simply sign up HERE and verify your email. Read more below.

About WCX:

WCX aims to become the number one cryptocurrency trading platform. There is a strong demand for an efficient, low-cost, and fast exchange solution in the ever growing cryptocurrency market.

Tiny Fees + Superior User Experience. On WCX, you get the best of both worlds: industry-leading low costs coupled with incredible performance. As WCX volume grows, the value we provide to customers increases, creating supply and demand network effects that are mutually reinforcing.

As a holder of the WCX token, you are entitled to a share of the fees collected from the exchange platform. As their profits increase, so do yours. For example: If you hold 100,000 WCX tokens and the average daily volume of exchanges is $1B, you will get approx. $600/month just for holding the token.

If you sign up now using my link, you will get an additional 15% of WCX tokens. Get in before this deal is over! (You will still receive 50 tokens just for confirming your email.)

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